There is power in knowledge and prevention when it comes to our dental health. Sadly, we never think about our teeth until we experience some pain or discomfort. Because there is a lot of confusion about the root causes of tooth decay, this prevents many from seeking treatment until it is too late. Our Dental Clinic in St. Catharines can help you with your tooth care.

Tooth decay begins when chewing traps food materials in-between your teeth. These materials form a sticky layer of plaque around your teeth that contains bacteria. This bacteria converts starch and sugar into acids causing your teeth enamel to erode. This then leads to complete teeth decay and soon, you will have no choice but to visit a dentist.

People at Risk

Plaque on your teeth can also cause other dental conditions such as gingivitis. You can prevent these conditions with daily care at home by proper brushing and flossing and by visiting a dentist regularly. Complications can occur from those who are more at risk of developing dental diseases. This includes those suffering from rheumatic fever, diabetes, dry mouth conditions, renal failure and obesity. It is advisable for this vulnerable group to seek dental care more frequently than they normally would to prevent the development of any dental disease or condition.

The Cost of Dental Care

As you know, receiving dental care can be costly depending on the customers needs. At Pine Street Dental, we offer affordable prices and a comprehensive payment plan that reflects your financial situation.

We understand going to the dentist can be a challenge. Pine Street Dental provides a comfortable environment for those who experience discomfort such as children and those who fear pain while undergoing dental treatments. We always want you feel at home when you visit us.

Regular visits to a dental clinic is important for you and your family and will help prevent dental diseases and conditions in the future. Healthy teeth builds confidence and is good for your overall heath. Here’s the best part about having regular trips to a dentist-a brighter smile!

Call Pine Street Dental today and book an appointment. We are always ready and willing to help you with all your dentistry needs.